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  • Can I do multiple services per ticket or do I need to submit a new one for each service?
    We create creator packages in which you specify every need you have and are prepared to pay for. ONE ticket. ONE payment. ONE team put behind you to deliver everything in ONE delivery (unless a contract containing multiple scheduled deliveries).
  • How much do your services cost?
    We tailor a package that is client specific to ensure you get what you and only what you need. Once you reach out to us we will set up a personal call to discuss where you are and where you want to be, hear the services you are considering as well as suggest options. After we have developed a package of exactly what you would like we deliver a quote just for you.
  • I am just starting and small. Can I use or afford your services?
    Yes! Just yes! You are never too small to pursue your dreams and there are things along every step of the way that can bring you closer to being where you want to be. We take pride in our personal conversations to understand not only the clients needs but also current state both financially and in their content career. Just reach out!
  • Once I hire my "team" how do I send them my files?"
    Part of the hassle for creators is having to send one file to an editor, another to a GFX artist, another to a manager, etc. With us, you will send all files for all services within your package and they will handle all communications with your team. You will speak with them about delivery as well as revisions. No more going back and forth with people you hired off of "those sites".
  • What if I want to add or remove services from my package?
    Once we have begun services, we will complete them monthly and any additions or cancelations of services that take place within that month will be applied to the following months invoice and delivery. If you plan to cancel services entirely we ask that you give 30 days notice to avoid week of cancellations. We reserve a team to meet your needs and a sudden cancellation does not provide enough time to restructure the team where and how they are needed. Planning ahead should be a common practice in this line of business from both sides of creation.
  • How does payment work?
    We have both commissions and contracts. Commissions are one time jobs where you purchase a deliverable and once payment is fulfilled and delivery is made, the job project is closed. Contracts are 30 day agreements for continued services that contain multiple scheduled deliveries and/or management. Both require up front payment before services will begin. Invoicing is handled through Business PayPal or Direct Billing.
  • Do you charge for revisions?
    No. Since we operate with a NO REFUND policy, we charge ourselves with the task to stop at nothing to make sure you get exactly what you want/paid for (within reasonable demand of course).
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